Gulfstream G-150

The wide-cabin high-speed Gulfstream G150 was designed, developed, and certified in a common trouble between Israel Aircraft diligence (IAI) and Gulfstream Aerospace. With the longest range at the fastest speed and an advanced avionics suite, the G150 provides the most value in its class.

The Astra SPX/ Gulfstream 100 had the topmost speed and longest range compared to its challengers but not the cabin comfort demanded for a US international mid-cabin business jet. Consequently, Gulfstream decided to enlarge the cabin in the G100 from 304 boxy bases to 521 boxy bases in the G150.

Through the use of high thrust, energy-effective Honeywell TFE731- 40AR machines, combined with multitudinous aerodynamic advancements, the Gulfstream G150 is the fastest mid-sized business aircraft in the world moment with a maximum speed of 547 mph and a maximum range of 3395 long hauls.

Turning to the cockpit, Gulfstream’s avionics and exploration staff bettered the Rockwell Collins ProLine 21 avionics system, adding some of the advanced technology to the cockpit. The result was a completely integrated avionics system that enhances flight-crew performance and improves the overall position of flight safety.

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Important Specifications

Aircraft Type
Midsize Jet
Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI)
Aircraft Range:
3,400 Nautical Miles
Cruise Speed
725 MPH
Cabin Dimensions.
17'8" x 5'9" x 5'9" ft.
Baggage Capacity:
90 cu. ft.
Cabin Volume
584 cu. ft.

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