Gulfstream G-650

The Gulfstream G650 is an ultra-long range large cabin class business jet which entered the request in 2012. It was the alternate business aircraft to use the fly-by-wire system, with no mechanical control between airman and flight shells. It also developed advanced sound repression ways to ameliorate the cabin experience and keeping machine noise outside the aircraft cabin. The cabin has sixteen large windows to maximize natural light, and its low cabin altitude ensures that passengers arrive refreshed and alert.

Powered by two BR725A1- 12 machines producing 16,900 lbf each, allowing the G650 to carry 8 passengers an NBAA IFR range of 6,912 nm with a maximum voyage speed of 516 knots. The Gulfstream G650 provides seating for over to 19 passengers in the pressurized flat bottom cabin.

As far as performance, the G650 has a voyage speed of 566 knots to 600 knots, with a maximum speed of 616 knots. It’s Planeview II cockpit comes equipped with a Triplex Flight Management System, Automatic Emergency Descent Mode, 3-D weather radar, Advanced Flight controls. The sophisticated, coming- generation technology improves airman’s situational awareness and enhances safety.

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Important Specifications

Aircraft Type
Ultra Long Range
Gulfstream Aerospace
Aircraft Range:
Cruise Speed
520 kts
Cabin Dimensions.
46'1" x 8'6" x 6'5"
Baggage Capacity:
Cabin Volume

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